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“Did my birth experience make me feel closer to God? Maybe not. But I was overjoyed to deliver my son into a world where humans can do this for each other.” You can read more about how having a C-section gave me faith in man in my latest on Kveller here. I’d love to hear how childbirth, …

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I recently purged my closet. It felt really good. At first, it may seem like something potentially superficial and relatively inconsequential. But it wasn’t. And here’s why. Shedding things you don’t need, or don’t like, is cathartic. Liberating. You feel lighter in every sense. And clearing space—both literally and figuratively—will allow you to have more …

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We do this a lot. Lately, with the snow-ice-bitter-cold-rain-back-to-ice-again we’ve been facing, I find myself missing this. Feeling closed off, a bit stir-crazy…We get creative. Turn the basement into a Lego museum, hold Simon Says competitions, have pillow fights…but we miss our stoop time. What is it about sitting on our front stoop, still in …

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This morning, I said the f-word in front of my son. I didn’t mean to. And I certainly don’t endorse that. But I was just so f*cking tired. I’ve always believed that cursing has value. It broadens the range of linguistic expression. It effectively and efficiently conveys extreme emotion. Sometimes you need to get your …

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Dina L. Relles

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