seeking the story in the ordinary

It’s finally nice outside. I couldn’t resist. It was an evening last week when I had no dinner plan, so when the older boys clamored for a bike ride to the local playground, I was all too happy to concede. I quickly slapped some cream cheese on whole wheat bread, grabbed a bag of baby …

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I had just returned to work from maternity leave. My baby was six months old, his older brother just over two. I was taking a much-needed break from contentious negotiations to eat with my colleagues-turned-friends in the law firm cafeteria–until a senior partner crashed our lunch. With the manufactured confidence of a corporate lawyer, he …

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Beginnings are hard. I took a birth doula training session last week, and at times, I was acutely aware that I don’t quite fit in. I’m a former litigator. I’m feisty. I’m pragmatic. I’m not opposed to modern medicine. I’ve had three C-sections. And I’m at peace with that. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows over …

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seeking the story in the ordinary

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seeking the story in the ordinary

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seeking the story in the ordinary

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seeking the story in the ordinary


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seeking the story in the ordinary

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