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I wasn’t planning to post here today, but I found myself with a quiet moment—and a sudden urge to jot down the little things I love—lately and longtime, and for which I am most grateful:

first sips of a hot cup of coffee
long walks
rustic bookcases
freshly baked bread
losing myself in the nostalgia of an old letter
early mornings
fresh paper
being inside while it rains
a drive through New England
being immersed in a good book
ski lodges
holding hands
yellow candles
wooden bridges
listening to music on the open road
songs that make you swell with reminiscence
shared memories
uncommon connections
late-night conversation
comfortable silences
windows and doors
park benches
rural landscapes
black and white photographs
late afternoon light
going out for brunch
a box of fresh crayons
common kindness
family, here and gone
friends, old and new
you, here, reading these words
you, out there, in the world

But I’m thankful, above all perhaps, for being able to be thankful. To be here, and to have the luxury to be grateful for the small things.

“The more you respect and focus on the singular and the strange, the more you become aware of the universal and infinite.” – Gail Godwin

(with warm thanks to Lindsey Mead, on whose lovely site I found these words)

Wishing you a brief pause today to love the little things.


7 thoughts on “Ordinary Things, Extraordinary Thanks

  1. As usual, I can relate so much to your post. They may be little things but life is made up of a string of these little things and they are worth being grateful for. I could fill a notebook (or three) with the little things I’m grateful for.

    Also, I am grateful for you and the words you write on this blog. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Nina Badzin says:

    Beautiful and perfect to read tonight as I wind down.

  3. I love this post. Sometimes it’s these ones, the unplanned, spontaneous, from-the-heart writing that I find the most moving. Rain from inside, oh yes. And I adore that Godwin quote, as you know. xoxox

  4. Oh… so perfect for this season. And I love the quote! Lindsey really finds the best quotes, doesn’t she?

    1. Thank you! Happy to have found you.

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