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Today I’m over at Raising Humans with a guest post on my friend Tricia’s lovely blog.

Tricia is one of those people who blur the lines between real and virtual friendship. I am so grateful our paths have intersected and now run parallel. She is a gorgeous writer and a true storyteller whose words echo in my mind as I walk through my days. Her words have a way of flowing across the page, carrying you with them, until you forget where you began and feel like you are traveling right along with her. She is reassuring and relatable, and knowing she’s out there softens the edges of my world.

She is also gracious enough to open her site to other mother-writers’ stories in her lovely “Growing Together” series. I’m honored and humbled to have my words appear there today.

Please head on over to read the full piece, in which I reflect on what it’s like to raise a son who is so much like me. And then spend some time exploring Tricia’s cyberhome, Raising Humans.

Thanks, all.

One thought on “Growing Together: He Is Me

  1. bam says:

    i cannot find the comment button over at raising humans, and i had to leave word somewhere, anywhere. your piece is SO gorgeous, achingly gorgeous, in that it beelined straight to the depth of my heart, roamed around there, banged off the walls, and catapulted out, filled with depth and the hard-edge of truth, and courage, and love, pulsing love….

    god love that little boy, not yet ready to shuffle off to school, to leave the blessed world his mama has carved out and upholstered just for him. and god bless that mama. that brilliant soulful mama, who shines the light of intelligence onto this holy work of mothering…..

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