Dina L. Relles

writer. editor. curious + common.

february may have been fleeting, but it was filled with these good things*

1 people-watching in a fast food joint
2 the second the hot shower water first hits your skin

3 a hug following a fight

4 family that feels like friends
5 a beer before bed
6 looking through old love letters
7 waking from a bad dream to realize it’s just that

8 a single plume of smoke rising from distant woods

9 a snow day with dear neighbors who help dig you out of your driveway
10 the heartening messages on this church sign, a mile down the roadimg_9059

11 winding country roads under a winter sun

12 waking in the dark early morning to write
13 a sweet valentine from my sonfullsizeoutput_6261
14 a fender bender where everyone is friendly and walks away fine

15 family freeze dance after dinner

16 unexpected mail from a friend
17 finding poetry along your path on a midday walkimg_9199
18 a new piece of writing in progress
19 a quiet coffee with your aging grandmother

20 coming home after having been away awhile

21 spontaneous coffee dates with your spouse

22 driving with the windows down

23 being barefoot
24 happy hour at the neighbor’s house

25 discovering a new-to-you writer who breaks your heart

26 watching a late afternoon thunderstorm through the windowpane
27 a gathering of Muslim & Jewish women to foster unity & understanding & fight hate
28 church bells at dusk

*You can read more about my “good things” project and see all prior posts here.

6 thoughts on “february

  1. Love this, Dina. (I think I saw some on Twitter.) So many lovely ones, it’s hard to choose a favorite so I won’t. They’re all “good things”. Thank you for sharing these. (Okay, I can’t help it. The coffee date and letter from your son are pretty awesome.)

    1. Aw, thanks for reading & weighing in, Sarah! xox

  2. Nina Badzin says:

    So much here to respond to but I am just choosing this . . . “Mom (Dina)”

  3. bam says:

    i love love love your litany of good things. you are so beautiful, thank you. i love reading them as they flash across twitter, and i love the gift of reading them in the aggregate. xoxox

    1. and *you* are the most beautiful, dear reader. i have begun comments on your blog, which i cherish like a port in the storm, several times over the past few months, and then get pulled away because life feels so fractured lately. but i will keep coming back, always. thank you, dear one. xo

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