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December is an ending, a precipice, a burrowing, a seek-and-find. Hunker down and emerge anew. Move on, move forward, what’s next, yes, but take it all with you.* 1 tandem swinging 2 sharing a hot chocolate with my son 3 a diner meal alone 4 when the TV is broken for weeks and the family …

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November is a turning inward, a looking within, a warmth that comes from seeing we’re the same.* 1 a return to somewhere you once lived 2 getting right to the heart of the matter across a diner table 3 a night out with dear neighbors 4 alliteration 5 bonding on a sidewalk outside a bookstore …

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  October is anticipation, and arrival, and a letting go, a leaving behind.* 1 a local boat tour 2 a family soccer game in the backyard 3 the perfect turn of phrase 4 pumpkin pie 5 rediscovering Counting Crows 6 celebrating someone you love 7 a full house 8 long talks late into the night …

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September is promise and possibility.* 1 this Nate Ruess song 2 the common kindness of a store clerk 3 a long drive between two places you love 4 coming home 5 discovering a favorite red wine 6 going shopping in your own closet 7 staccato conversation amid chasing children 8 receiving a book in the …

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August is an ending, a reckoning, a coming to terms with what was and will be.* 1 cleaning your ear with a Q-tip 2 being among your people 3 rediscovering an old CD and still loving the songs on it 4 reviving your vegetarianism 5 havdalah 6 having the village it takes 7 beginning a …

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Dina L. Relles

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