Dina L. Relles

writer. editor. curious + common.

A sudden arrival, a shift, a half year nearly gone. A pivot that reminds how swift the passage of time.*

1 wine & s’mores night with the neighbors
2 a new piece of writing in progress

3 late afternoon light through the upstairs window

4 small town farmers’ market
5 a kind, intuitive waitress

6 folding laundry alone at night in a quiet room

7 gloaming
8 Twitter on a day like today
9 sending out acceptances

10 a day spent more outside than in

11 first sunflower of the season
12 green tea ice cream
13 white wine on the deck
14 the quiet kinship among fellow restaurant patrons in the face of breaking news from screens overhead

15 overcast skies in summer

16 completing a grocery run in under 10 minutes
17 a minor league baseball game
18 freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies
19 a child’s successful first day of camp

20 a long email that reads like an old-fashioned letter

21 orange light after a rain
22 girls’ night out
23 a new baby in the family
24 looking through old photographs
25 sidewalk chalk

26 an impromptu neighborhood gathering on the corner

27 Debbie Gibson on the radio
28 shedding the front, showing what’s really there
29 kids catching fireflies
30 a summer storm

*You can read more about my “good things” project and see all prior posts here.

5 thoughts on “june

  1. bam says:

    in a few places in this list, i was left to imagine the backstory, and oh so curious about what moments in history were unfolding as you captured them in enumeration……

    and, by the way, isn’t gloaming a beautiful word…..

    thank you for this, always this….

    1. leave it to you to read my mind…i felt more cryptic than usual this month, and unintentionally so. i much prefer to be forthright, but i suppose this form doesn’t always lend itself to the full story. perhaps short vignettes that shed more light will one day follow…

      and yes, yes, yes re: gloaming. one of the most beautiful.

      thank *you* always and always. xo

  2. Nina Badzin says:

    Debbie Gibson. Yep.

    1. my first ever concert. she was everything.

  3. rudrip says:

    Aww, Debbie Gibson was my favorite too. Lost in Your Eyes brings back so many memories.

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