Dina L. Relles

writer. editor. curious + common.

In this thick middle of the summer, time folds over onto itself, and everything feels at once new and nostalgic…*

1 when your children love the children of a dear friend
2 debriefing after a dinner party
3 neighbor kids cutting through the yard to come play

4 a poetry acceptance

5 uncontrollable belly laughter
6 a corner chat with the neighbor-turned-friend
7 chocolate chip cookies
8 pride at your physician husband being able to help a man who fell in the parking lot after date night
9 an evening shower

10 a surprisingly pleasant chat with the man behind you in line at the post office

11 a birthday full of memory and hope
12 a family drive
13 getting carded
14 belting it out behind the wheel
15 offering up a sincere apology

16 the family you find for yourself

17 summer camp
18 long talks, late nights on the porch
19 the good dirt of a day outdoors
20 gazebos
21 a reunion with someone you love
22 a happy letter from your son at sleepaway camp
23 when someone you’ve only just met thinks to bring you lunch

24 falling asleep to sounds of a thunderstorm

25 mutual affection
26 fresh sheets

27 an ordinary day

28 morning snuggles
29 a day of leaving your phone behind
30 the collective anticipation of a campwide blackout
31 empathy

*You can read more about my “good things” project and see all prior posts here.

5 thoughts on “july

  1. I absolutely love these posts. That is all. Thank you. xo

    1. Thank you so much, Lindsey. Sometimes I think I should be doing more with this space…but not in the cards right now. Your kind words mean the world. xox

  2. George Relles says:

    Debriefing after a dinner party…I thought we were the only ones who did that. Thanks for the inspiration of all these. Best wishes.

    1. Ha! You are definitely not alone. One of Dan and my favorite things. I’m sure we’d love doing it with you & BL too. Hope you’re both doing well! Lots of love. xox

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