Dina L. Relles

writer. editor. curious + common.



October is anticipation, and arrival, and a letting go, a leaving behind.*

1 a local boat tour
2 a family soccer game in the backyard
3 the perfect turn of phrase
4 pumpkin pie
5 rediscovering Counting Crows
6 celebrating someone you love
7 a full house
8 long talks late into the night with an old friend
9 giving yourself over to deep exhaustion
10 a picnic dinner
11 a Kathy Fish writing workshop
12 meeting an author you’ve only known online
13 a long drive alone
14 embracing the flash form
15 watching your children play with children of dear friends
16 sharing a coffee ritual with someone
17 a favorite diner
18 a new story idea
19 finding something you thought you’d lost
20 saying what you mean
21 a long shower
22 gathering leaves
23 a hopeful Submittable queue
24 this Bud Smith story at Joyland
25 a car cry
26 a well-received public address
27 finishing a book
28 a 15-year-old clothing item you still love
29 the sky after a storm
30 a sympathetic reader
31 neighbors opening their doors to one another

*You can read more about my “good things” project and see all prior posts here.

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