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writer. editor. curious + common.


November is a turning inward, a looking within, a warmth that comes from seeing we’re the same.*

1 a return to somewhere you once lived
2 getting right to the heart of the matter across a diner table
3 a night out with dear neighbors
4 alliteration
5 bonding on a sidewalk outside a bookstore
6 watching a combine work the cornfields
7 the chaos of a room filled with children, followed by quiet
8 a long drive on a late night
9 a fellow motorist gesturing out of kindness that your lights aren’t on
10 standing under the stars in a country sky
11 a warm car and hot coffee on a cold day
12 a first fight with a new friend
13 books in the mail
14 trust
15 your daughter’s independent spirit
16 a coffee ritual
17 a handwritten letter
18 the bond between brothers
19 a trip to look forward to
20 taking a hike in your own backyard
21 writing in your mind while on the road
22 a one-liner from a conversation with an old friend that stays with you: “art, to be good, often comes from raw pain
23 feeling full
24 a walk in the woods with ones you love
25 a book of beautiful poetry
26 pants that fit perfectly
27 a Pushcart nomination for a piece that’s a little part of your heart
28 a new Mac
29 a return to routine
30 an empty day

*You can read more about my “good things” project and see all prior posts here.

4 thoughts on “november

  1. kploetz says:

    First fight with a new friend…yes. There *is* something very good about that.

    1. I love that you seized on that one, K. Probably my favorite here. ❤️

  2. bam says:

    your Pushcart piece is breathtaking. love that it unfurled in an ice-cream shop. the volumes we carry with us….
    thank you for this november litany….

    1. So much love for you, and your generous readings, always. I hope you’re keeping warm in your corner of the world, dear Barbara. xo

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