Dina L. Relles

writer. editor. curious + common.


December is an ending, a precipice, a burrowing, a seek-and-find. Hunker down and emerge anew. Move on, move forward, what’s next, yes, but take it all with you.*

1 tandem swinging
2 sharing a hot chocolate with my son
3 a diner meal alone
4 when the TV is broken for weeks and the family rediscovers quality time
5 howling wind battering the windows
6 reclaiming some part of your old self
7 the click-click of a new keyboard
8 wine-warmed on a winter night
9 an acceptance from a journal you adore
10 Twitter
11 being trusted with another writer’s WiP
12 full-day kindergarten programs
13 reading something and seeing yourself there
14 prose poetry
15 discovering a new writer & this perfect little piece
16 finally (and for real) kicking your nail biting habit
17 a room full of bustle and rowdy where you feel you fit right in
18 literary friendships
19 morning pillow whispers
20 holding the door open for one another
21 freshly-fallen snow
22 Starbucks Pike Place roast
23 a nightstand teeming with books whose authors you know
24 Christmas eve with friends down the street
25 long, honest talks about religion
26 sharing your love of skiing with your children
27 a get well note my son left on my pillow
28 a common greeting we extend like an offering
29 these tiny breaths, in & out, in & out
30 the time to take notice
31 endings

*You can read more about my “good things” project and see all prior posts here.

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